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Edizione 2020


Festival Federico Cesi programs in August more than 60 evening and afternoon concerts in Trevi, Spello, Spoleto, Acquasparta; at the same time Post Degree Courses of the Summer College are organized there. The Exhibition, ensuring the best audience flow, is strategically held during the activities of the Guitar Stages, with the presence of about 50 staying students and many Professors and Concertists including: Frank Bungarten, Gian Marco Ciampa, Claudio Marcotulli, Guido Fichtner, Andrea Pace, Cristiano Poli Cappelli, Adriano Rullo, Monica Paolini, Walter Zanetti, Stefano Palamidessi. During the days of exhibition, from morning till night, a lot of musical events will be programmed: concerts, public rehearsals, open stage concerts with live streaming, musical happening and wine tasting, for the highest number of insiders.

How to reach Trevi

  • By flight: Perugia Airport + bus to Foligno/Trevi or Rome Airports + bus to Roma Termini Station, then train to Trevi
  • By train: trains to Trevi from: Roma or Ancona/Foligno
  • By car: from Roma, Highway A1, exit Orte;
    SS3 Flaminia dir.Spoleto/Assisi; exit Trevi
    From Firenze: Highway A1, exit Valdichiana;
    take SS.75 dir. Perugia Foligno Trevi


Fabrica Harmonica, inside the Festival Federico Cesi and the Guitar Stages, organises the International Exhibition of Plucked Stringed Instruments in Trevi (PG), from the 21st till the 26th of August 2020. Participation in the Exhibition is free. Exhibitors from every Country (making harps, classical and acoustic guitars, XIX century guitars, baroque and renassaince guitars, lutes, vihuelas, mando-lins, mandolas and other similar instruments) can take part to the exhibition. Due to compliance with the anti COVID-19 regulations, the 2020 edition of the Exhibition will host no more than 2 exhibi-tors per day, for a maximum total number of 12 exhibitors over the 6-day programming period. The exhibition will have free entrance for the public and will take place with the following general daily program:

  • 9.00 am: Welcome of the master luthiers and exhibitors at the Festival Secretariat; preparation of the exhibition area
  • 10.00 am: Public exhibition of the instruments
  • 12.00 am: Liuteria in Concerto with Facebook live streaming
    – Concert rehearsal of the instruments: guitarists from Guitar Stages, about 15 minutes of repertoire for each exhibitor
  • 2.00 / 6.00 pm: Public exhibition of the instruments

What the Organization provides for you

  1. Little stand for no more than 3 instruments – Organization will provide some desks to put the instruments on; if possible, the Exhibi-tors will have to take the right supports for their instruments.
  2. Catalogue of the Exhibition – It will be possible to insert one small photo (of an instrument or of the instrument maker), infor-mation about the instruments and addresses. The exhibitor have to send us all the material we need for the catalogue within the applica-tion deadline, through e-mail (jpeg photo). Every exhibitor will get a few copies of the catalogue: the catalogue will be disposable for the audience of the Festival concerts and visitors.
  3. Public rehearsal of the instrument – The rehearsals will take place daily at 12.00 at Villa Fabri in Trevi, will be broadcast in live streaming on Facebook and will be carried out by guitarists selected by the Guitar Stages. In each test, musical pieces chosen by the guitar-ist will be performed for a maximum of 15 minutes for each exhibiting luthier.
  4. Participation Diploma

How taking part to the Exhibition

It’s needed formalizing the registration within the 15th of August 2020 emailing ( the registration form fully completed in its parts and all the needed material for printing the exhibition catalogue. Participation in the Exhibition is free.
The Organization will contact the Exhibitors for confirming the regis-tration.

Staying facilities

The Exhibitors, if needed, can stay benefitting the room and meals facili-ties.